Commercial Solanaceous Rootstocks

The preparation, use, and content of this table are explained in the Rootstock Table Introduction. Please consult that page before and while using information below. Also, note that table content is modified on an ongoing basis as information becomes available. This table was last updated in March-April 2024. Please direct all questions about the table to Dr. Matt Kleinhenz at the Ohio State University,, phone: 330.263.3810.

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IMPORTANT NOTE : Companies and individuals rate and define disease resistances differently. To help limit variability in this important process, the International Seed Federation (ISF),, developed recommendations for defining and describing disease resistances for vegetable and ornamental crops; see the “Disease Resistance” section under the “Our Work” menu. We provide a common disease name and a pathogen code in parenthesis in our tables for the important diseases for which resistance has been identified or is being sought for the crop family. See HERE for an overview of plant diseases and resistance from the ISF and HERE for ISF’s latest update of pathogen codes for vegetable crops.

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