High tunnel grown grafted tomato plant for on-farm evaluation in Ohio.

Grafted melon evaluation in Florida.

Evaluation of grafted tomato for nitrogen use efficiency in open fields of North Carolina.

An up close grafting demonstration of the one cotyledon method for melon by Dr. Carol Miles and her team at Washington State University

Researchers from North Carolina State University prepare samples of grafted watermelon for lycopene analysis

Members of the Vegetable Production Laboratory gave a hands-on grafting demonstration to this plant propagation class at The OSU, ATI on March 22, 2018.

Sustainable Ag students at The OSU learn how to graft tomatoes and watermelon with the assistance of the Vegetable Production Systems Laboratory.

The SCRI Grafting Virtual Workshop took place on March 16, 2018. Recordings are now available.

Area setup at the 2018 Acres USA Eco-Ag Conference in Louisville, KY to provide individualized guidance on hand grafting (image by Matt Kleinhenz, The OSU).

Grafted Tomato Seedlings
What’s New in Vegetable Grafting?
The Vegetable Grafting Decision Support Tool, http://graftingtool.ifas.ufl.edu allows farmers, consultants, extension professionals, and others to analyze the economic costs and benefits of using grafted plants in crop production. Enter information specific to your situation to help determine whether using grafted plants is economically feasible. The tool was developed by the Economic Working group of the USDA SCRI-supported Vegetable Grafting Project. Contact Yefan Nian, Zhifeng Gao, and Xin Zhao for information.

August 2020’s American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) Annual Conference included more than 20 presentations and posters on grafted watermelon, tomato, cucumbers, and an exploratory study of a pac choi-daikon radish vegetable product. View and download a list of presentation and poster titles with links to their abstracts.

  • Candidate Brandon Huber, studying under Ricardo Hernandez at NC State, was awarded second place at this year’s ASHS conference for his oral presentation “Dynamic Far-red light treatments to maintain plant uniformity in high-density tomato seedlings for grafting.” Read more about his work on grafted tomato seedling production in indoor controlled environment systems in this article from NC State Horticultural Science News.

Past ASHS conference programs and abstracts can be found HERE and past presentation recordings HERE.

Opportunities to learn about grafting continue to increase in number, diversity, and distribution.
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