Vegetable Grafting Symposia

Development of Grafting Technology to Improve Sustainability and Competitiveness of the US Fruiting Vegetable Industry

A USDA SCRI-supported University-USDA-Industry Team has convened one, five-day and four, one-day symposia. Each program has been held in conjunction with other major conferences or partners including:

  • The Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions (MBAO),
  • The Annual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference,
  • The Great Lakes Expo,
  • and in partnership with the International Society for Horticultural Science

Each symposium provided the opportunity to:

  • summarize the current status and expected future of grafting as a technology for enhancing U.S. vegetable production systems – profit, resource efficiency and sustainability;
  • increase understanding of challenges and opportunities associated with preparing and using grafted vegetable plants;
  • strengthen and diversify partnerships required to widen the application of vegetable grafting as cornerstone technology; and
  • describe team goals and approaches.

Digital copies of visual aids used by presenters and recordings of their comments are offered here as one way to help strengthen the understanding of vegetable grafting and to encourage collaboration among those interested in advancing its use in commercial settings.

Symposium organizers emphasize that the science and practice of vegetable grafting are developing. Therefore, information presented in files provided here should not be taken as the ‘last word’ on the topic. In fact, viewers are encouraged to contact presenters for additional input. Viewers are also reminded to respect content provided here as the intellectual property of the presenter.

The following table provides information on the posters and oral presentations provided at each of the symposia. To search or sort for a certain event, author, topic, or title, simply click on the column header for a menu of options.